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Since the beginning of time, man has engaged in warfare, and early man soon recognized the value of something capable of protecting the frail human body. Over time there has always been an 'arms race' between armour and the means to defeat it. When man was using crude stone tip weapons, bamboo and leather could easily stop such a weapon from doing damage. With the improvements made in weapons from stone to bronze to iron and to steel, the armourers of the world have improved their products as well. Leather to chain mail to plate and to suits of armour. With the advent of and improvement in black powder, body armour could no longer be made light enough to be worn, and remain strong enough to protect the user. For a considerable period of time, the projectile weapons have had the upper hand. The discovery of Kevlar however, has again brought balance to the state of affairs, and body armour that can stop a bullet and is light enough to wear is again available.

We at Bateleur are proud to offer a wide selection of body armour to those who might need it.


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Understanding body armour: