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For years the very best rifle stocks has been, and still are made with walnut. Walnut has proved to be a ideal combination of beauty, strength and is easy to work with for the stock builder. That is not to say that walnut is the only wood suitable for rifle stocks. Africa have some exceptionally beautiful wood, but it is very hard, and consequently very difficult to work with.

Enter Mr J Bondisio of  Naboomspruit. Mr. Bondisio has for years been a avid hunter and gunsmith, and being surrounded by the African bush, he took on the challenge of producing magnificent crafted custom stocks in African hardwoods. Over the years some woods have proved to be better than others, and currently there are three species of hardwoods being used.

These stocks are custom made for the individual, and are only for the most discerning and sophisticated of hunters.

Send us a mail at and we will give you a quote so that you can become one of the selected few to hunt with a very special, truly African rifle.

< 1 1 ) Dombeya Rotundifolia - wild pear - drolpeer


2) Acacia caffra - common hook thorn - haakdoring


3) Acacia burkei - black monkey thorn - swart apiesdoring


4) Burkea africana - wild seringa - wilde sering


5) Traditional Walnut


6) Peltophorum africanum - African wattle - huilboom (choice grade)


7) Peltophorum africanum - African wattle - huilboom (export grade)


8) Peltophorum africanum - African wattle - huilboom ( standard grade)


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