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Puff adder is available in 4.5mm and 5.5mm. Muzzle velocity is 600/450 fps respectively. The Puff adder is excellent value for money for a gun in the 600/450 fps range. Overall length is 1100mm and it weighs 2.8kg. The rifle is equipped with  milled scope rails in addition to standard u- notch rear and fiber optic front sights. If you are looking for a inexpensive powerful gun, this is the one to start with. This gun is suitable for any use you want to put it to; small game, plinking, training for a bigger air gun, target shooting, field target. Now your starting to play with the big boys Recommended accessories:

Swat 1x20x30; Recon 1x40; Scout 4x20; Trooper 4x32; Commander 3-9x40 telescopes

Buddy cleaning kit

Springbok target

two piece mount; one piece mount

Suggested retail price:

U$S: 51

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