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Green mamba is available in 4.5mm and 5.5mm. Muzzle velocity is 1000/800 fps respectively. The Green mamba use break barrel cocking. The safety is conveniently placed at the back of the receiver for easy manipulation by your thumb. The Green mamba is a top of the line air gun and is recommended for the seasoned hunters and expert shooters. Overall length is 1140mm and it weighs 3.2kg. The rifle is equipped with  milled scope rails in addition to fiber optic u- notch rear and fiber optic front sights. The stock is of the Monte Carlo type, and has a black butt plate. With this gun in your hands, the meat is as good as already on the table. Recommended accessories:

Swat 1x20x30; Recon 1x40;                        Trooper 4x32;        Commander 3-9x40;      Night hunter 3-9x56E;                                   Sniper 6-24x50AOE        telescopes

Field master cleaning kit

Springbok target

one piece mount

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