Swat 1x20x40 & Recon 1x40 reflex/dot sights

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These reflex/dot sights are ideal for quick shooting, and they come standard with integrated mounts. When that big rat darts from trashcan to trashcan, the action can become fast and furious. The 1x magnification allows you to aim with both eyes open, and the illuminated dot works brilliantly in low light.  Combined with one of our Bushveld Cobra, Forest Cobra or Spitting Cobra it is very handy, compact and very deadly on the smartest rat. Specs:

Swat 1x20x30: length; 120mm.                     Weight; 0.148 kg. magnification: 1x.

Recon 1x40:Length; 105mm.                  Weight;    0.252 kg. magnification: 1x.

Suggested retail price:

Swat 1x20x30 - U$S: 18

Recon 1x40 - U$S: 88

Recommended for:

Cape Cobra; Bushveld Cobra; Forest Cobra; Spitting Cobra; Rinkhals

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